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Automations and electrical drives
Industrial electronics
CNC systems
Systems for command and control
Telecommunication systems ansd networks
Development and projecting
Robots and robotic sytems
Upgrading lifts and cranes

Automatization and driving systems

With the help of our expertise, experience and modern technologies we plan and carry out integral solutions for more efficient industrial systems assuring optimization, acceleration, increase in reliability and accuracy, and a reduction in unexpected interruptions of work processes, thus providing higher efficiency, lower running costs and less process interruptions.

When carrying out industrial systems automatization projects we offer services for the whole lifespan of a system, including not only the execution and setting up, but also maintenance, upgrades and future potential adaptations.

When planning and setting up systems we use professional solutions by Siemens (SIMATIC, SIMO­TION, SICOMP ...), which assure impeccable operation, a long lifespan and responsive support, computer and server equipment by acknowledged manufacturers, such as Fujitsu, Siemens, Intel, HP, Cisco, Allied, SMC ... and high quality passive R&M telecommunication equipment.


  • Industrial automatization systems
  • Process managing and controlling
  • Ethernet industrial networks
  • Positioning systems
  • Industrial computer and microcomputer systems
  • Sensor, measuring and process systems

Drive technology

  • AC and DC electromotor drives
  • Stepper motor drives
  • Control systems for drive technology
  • Frequency and one-way regulators
  • Engineering

Low voltage switch technology and electrical installations

  • Switch and protection devices
  • Decoupling capacitors, circuit breakers and main switches
  • Electrical branch and fuse boxes
  • Uninterruptable power systems (UPS)

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