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Control and supervision (SCADA) systems

Control and supervision (SCADA) systems allow for a clear and transparent control of the operation of production and various other work processes by means of graphic displays, and audio and video elements.

SCADA systems are made of:

  • HMI – graphic interface for the visualization of states, data and events, including controlling of pre-defined processes
  • A computer system collecting and sending data from controlled work processes
  • RTU – modules enabling the conversion and transmission of data from various sensors, gauges, switches …
  • PLC – programmable processing units for the control of electromotor drives and the collection of process data …
  • Communication infrastructure (MPI, Profibus, Ethernet)

SCADA systems enable the following:

  • Immediate insight into parameters and processes statuses (temperatures, pressures, flow rates, dosing …)
  • Display of working and dysfunctional machine elements (electromotors, pumps …), and the state of valves, shafts, inlets, pipelines (closed, open, partially closed …)
  • Warning or alarming in case of errors or malfunctions
  • Data collection for visualization, analyzing and logbooks

Industrial branches using SCADA systems are the following:

  • Pharmacy and chemistry
  • Food industry
  • Energy production and  environmental infrastructure
  • Manufacturing and processing of metals
  • Paper production
  • Production of construction materials
  • Manufacturing of cars, trucks and equipment …

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